Giguere Homes represents the highest level in design creativity and home building that the Lansing area can offer.

We are distinguished by high-quality craftsmanship as well as attention to the smallest of detail. We are committed to serving our clients through a collaborative team-approach to build the home of your dreams. We start by listening to your desires and needs, inputting our expertise to make this canvas a reality.

Giguere Homes offers all-inclusive, fully-integrated design and construction services. We meet the vision, requirements and reflection of yourself for your home.

Homeowner’s Manual

References the entire experience of building a home with Giguere and who to contact along the way.


Frequently asked questions about building.


Jim Giguere
Jim Giguere
Builder & President
Nicole Giguere
Nicole Giguere
Agent-Builder Representative  
Jim Westerlund
Jim Westerlund
Architectural Planning & Design

Office Manager

Ellen Cummings
Selections Coordinator
Derek Lizabeth
Derek Lisabeth
Operations Manager
Steve Klassen
Steve Klassen
Scott Whitten
Scott Whitten
Assistant Project Manager



We listen and ask questions, take single-point accountability with our actions and words, contain costs, and abide by our agreements to you.

The Giguere team is committed to ensure that each home is built to contract with care and satisfaction. Each member of our team excels in their area of expertise. Together we create a perfect balance of refined attention to detail, character and personality to reflect your home’s unique charm.

Giguere Homes focuses on the quality construction market; we primarily build custom home and condominiums in the Okemos, East Lansing, Williamston and Dewitt area.