Will you build a home if we already own the lot?

Jim Giguere will personally walk the lot to determine the quality of the soil. If anything is questionable, we can send a surveying company to give an accurate soil evaluation to make sure we can build without issue.

What contributes to the final cost of the home?

In the first two hour meeting with Jim Giguere a price point is set. From that price point, a selection group package and added to a specification sheet. Any customizations that are not agreed upon in your contract price, such as changes in structural dimensions, aesthetics, or eco-friendly upgrades, will affect the final cost of your home.

We already have our own floor plan. Can you build it?

Yes, our draftsman can turn any floor plan into your custom dream home. If the floorplan already has copy rights, we have to make modifications in order to create a new version of that plan.

Who will take care of permits and inspections?

Our Construction Manager is responsible for all permits and inspections of the home, as well as making sure everything is up to code.

At what point does the home need to be insured?

It is our responsibility to insure the home up until the day of closing when we transfer the title to the new homeowner.

What sets you apart from other builders?

There are many aspects about Giguere Homes that set us apart from other builders. We have 35+ years of experience, we are a green-certified building company, we cater to all disabilities, and include features as standard that are add-ons for other building companies.

What are the benefits of building a home with Giguere?

There are many benefits to building with Giguere Homes. We can use Energy Star efficient products, quality building materials, as well as using consistent contractors. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process to ensure that all clients’ needs are met.

I am interested in a loan, but don’t know what kind I need or who to go to.

DART Bank is the primary lender that we recommend.
DART Bank: (616)608-1880 http://www.dartbank.com/
Other financing options include:
Independent Bank: (517)203-3800 https://www.independentbank.com/
MSU Federal Credit Union: (517)333-2424 https://www.msufcu.org/
Eaton Federal Savings Bank: (517)231-7028 http://www.eatonfed.com/

What is the difference between a conventional mortgage and a construction loan?

A construction loan is a loan to finance the improvement or development of real estate. This is usually short-term financing in which portions of the loan are given to the builder as different stages of the construction are completed. A conventional mortgage loan is a loan that is neither insured nor guaranteed by the government. A conventional loan is, therefore, not an FHA insured or VA insured loan.

Should I go through the same lender for a construction loan?

Our clients typically choose to go through the same lender for all their banking needs.

I am interested in building; however I haven’t sold my house yet- what should I do?

Jim Giguere, broker and builder, will list & market your single family home or condo if local.

Is it possible to change something in my home after I have already signed on the contract and selections?

Yes, you can request a change order to be processed with an upcharge. The change only occurs when it is paid for during the process of construction. Depending on the change, it may also delay your time schedule for the home to be completed.