The Building Process

Building your dream home can seem like a daunting task. Giguere Homes makes building easy with a systematic process to help you choose the right products and designs to fit your family’s needs. Do you still have a home to sell? No problem! We can market your existing home.

Building your Giguere Home

There are many questions you may have in the beginning about the building process. Having in mind the community you’d like to live in, price range, square footage, number of bathrooms and bedrooms helps us figure out the best plan for you.

Call Jim Giguere at (517) 339-3600 to schedule your first appointment with Jim Giguere. In this meeting, the builder discusses plan options, budget, and location. 

There will be additional meetings to discuss estimated prices and revise blueprint plans to meet the homeowner needs.  The building process will not begin until the Contract, Specification Sheet and Final design are approved and signed by both the builder and client. 

Once signed, setting up an appointment with our Selection Coordinator is the next step.


In the first meeting, our selections coordinator will ask about your taste, current furniture situation and ideas you may have. Bringing in photos helps paint a picture of what is important to you! The meeting is held in our selection room where you can view all the options of exterior finishes, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, flooring, hardware, and cosmetic accessories. All selection agreements must be signed before a pre-construction meeting is scheduled with our project manager.

Breaking Ground

The project manager meets with the Homeowner(s) for a pre-construction meeting. In this meeting, the process of how your home will be built is explained in full detail, answering any questions you may have. After this meeting, the project manager will obtain the permits required and then the digging of the foundation can begin!

On average, a home will take 5 months to complete from the first day framing begins. Changes made to the home after the client signs the blueprint and selection documents may affect the completion date.


One week prior to closing, a scheduled home walkthrough is done in two separate steps. The project manager schedules a one-hour home orientation, going over any potential issues that may occur before closing. A second meeting is scheduled for the day of closing (usually a Friday) at 10 am.

The closing of the home is done either at the title company or held in the conference room with Jim Giguere at the Giguere Homes office. This meeting takes place, usually after the second meeting with the project manager. At the closing, the final amount for the home is due and property transfer documents are completed. You will then receive the key to your new home!